Therapy groups are currently available to residents of these states. Wellness groups are available nationwide.


Join us in making groups the answer to the mental health epidemic.




We believe in the healing power of groups

We’re looking for experts with deep experience in providing group therapy or group wellness and who understand what it takes to provide quality care.

  • Groups made easy

    We remove all of the complexity and time required to offer group therapy and create a cohort of members. That way, you can focus on clients and group sessions.

  • Grow your practice

    Become part of a community of high quality, licensed and certified experts in mental health. Groups can boost your income without stressing your hours.

Let’s get started

Here’s How GroupWell Works for You

  • Seamless Practice Profile Setup

    It’s easy to join and set up your Practice Profile and groups. We’ll verify your credentials and meet to get to know you better. The entire process usually takes a few days to a week.

  • Automated Client Onboarding

    The entire onboarding process is fully automated and status updates are provided throughout every step.

  • Client Retention and Engagement

    Through continuous measurement, you see results and receive alerts and considerations to support your decision process. And your clients feel more engaged with their health and the group.


With all the capabilities you need

  • Dashboard

    Your private dashboard gives you quick access to upcoming sessions, your action items, your groups, and your members.

  • Calendar

    An integrated calendar makes it easy for clients to book intake or follow-up sessions during open times on your schedule.

  • Member files and notes

    All member and group data and documents are easy to access. And we make it simple to jot notes on the client or the group.

  • Client progress

    Alerts and reports enable you to see progress for the group and each client.

  • Security and quality

    We provide a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform with high quality video sessions.

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