Therapy groups are currently available to residents of these states. Wellness groups are available nationwide.

How it works

Join millions of people who have discovered the benefits of group therapy.




It’s easy to join a virtual group

All groups are led by a verified, licensed therapist or coach.

  • Find a group

    Sign up and receive curated group recommendations. You choose which to join.

  • Meet your therapist

    Get comfortable with your therapist and the group process before you start.

  • Join virtual sessions

    Attend sessions from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Benefits of joining groups on GroupWell

  • Personalized

    Create bonds, learn new skills, and gain new insights all at your own speed and with the support of your group therapist and group members.

  • Affordable

    Group therapy is 2x-5x less expensive than individual care and it’s proven as effective for most conditions in achieving positive mental health outcomes.

  • Convenient

    Join virtual video sessions from the privacy and convenience of your home.

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